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Our COVID-19 Commitment

As we navigate the various stages of this crisis with changing recommendations and restrictions, our team commits that we will take every step to keep you safe.  This has included increasing our already frequent disinfection of our offices, checking in on the physical health of our staff and clients and most importantly transitioning as many services as possible to telehealth. We anticipate that there will be further restrictions placed on public life and this will lead to increased stress of financial concerns, future uncertainty and more social isolation.  Given these changes, we are here to support you using Telehealth.

For Telehealth we use Zoom for Healthcare which is a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform.  It allows you to keep all your normal appointments and groups but from a private and safe location of your choosing.  We have already reached out to your referral source, insurance, and the state to get the necessary permissions to do this so you can still get support from us even if we can’t be in the same room.  If you need an injection or another face-to-face service, please call the office.

Here are the best sources of information for all of us as we work together to keep each other safe: CDC: COVID-19

CDC: Getting ready for COVID-19 Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

CDC: Managing Stress during COVID-19

Our highest priority is to protect you, our staff and the greater community.

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